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Pictures: Economizer Dual Fuel Package
Basic Economizer Kit - Ready for Crating.
Inside Economizer Engine Control Unit. Modular connectors and available premanufactured wire harnesses make setup simple.
Converted 3512 in Salem OR.
Sample of gas supply piping hung from celing. Note vent line leaving regulator (upper red line) routed outside
3512 Gas piping mounted cleanly to generator box. This portion of the gas piping can be installed anywhere in the area nearby the engine's air intake.
An example of a finalized installation of the ECI Economizer Engine Control Unit, pictured with operator touch-screen. 'Remote' screens in separate, weatherproof enclosures are also available.
An example of a finalized ECI Economizer installation on a Cat 3406 air compressor.
An ECI gas fuel diffuser fitted before the turbocharger inlet.
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